Strengthening Global Alliances: COCCAN’s Advocacy Visit to UN-OCHA Chief, Mr. Sesay

In a significant stride towards addressing the urgent global concern of climate change, the Coalition of Climate Change Advocates (COCCAN), including the prominent MLY-F, embarked on an advocacy visit to Mr. Sesay, the head of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UN-OCHA). The meeting proved to be a pivotal moment for the coalition as Mr. Sesay not only commended their efforts but also provided valuable insights and encouragement for the road ahead.

Commendation and Support:

Mr. Sesay expressed his admiration and unequivocal support for the initiatives undertaken by COCCAN, acknowledging the importance of their role in tackling the pressing issue of climate change. He emphasized the need for collaborative efforts and encouraged the coalition to strengthen its alliance with ministries to ensure a streamlined and non-duplicated approach in addressing climate-related challenges.

Strategic Funding and Capacity Building:

During the discussion, Mr. Sesay highlighted the significance of targeting funding aimed at capacity building. He urged COCCAN to proactively seek financial support that enhances the coalition’s capabilities to effectively address climate issues. Recognizing the ongoing COP 28 summit, Mr. Sesay drew attention to the numerous pledges made by developed nations to support developing countries, emphasizing the potential for substantial resources that could further COCCAN’s mission.

Clear and Consistent Messaging:

A crucial aspect of the conversation revolved around the importance of having a clear and consistent message. Mr. Sesay stressed that a unified and coherent narrative is essential to attract both local and global communities. A well-articulated message, he emphasized, would not only strengthen COCCAN’s outreach but also garner the support needed for meaningful change.

Global Perspective and Endless Possibilities:

Referring to the ongoing COP 28 summit, Mr. Sesay highlighted the enormous possibilities at hand. He underlined the need for a proactive stance in addressing climate change, emphasizing that waiting for crises to unfold is not the optimal approach. With the global community engaged in discussions and commitments, he urged COCCAN to seize the opportunities presented by such platforms.

In his closing remarks, Mr. Sesay urged all organizations under the COCCAN umbrella to actively participate. Climate change, he emphasized, is a global issue that affects humanity as a whole. The collective effort of organizations within COCCAN is essential for making a significant impact and contributing to global initiatives aimed at mitigating and adapting to climate change.

The advocacy visit to Mr. Sesay, head of UN-OCHA, marked a significant milestone for COCCAN. The encouragement, insights, and recommendations provided by Mr. Sesay have set a clear roadmap for the coalition’s future endeavors. As COCCAN continues to champion the cause of climate change, the call to action resonates globally, reminding us all that addressing this critical issue requires collective efforts and proactive measures.

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