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We make a life
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It all started with the Matriarch

Since boko haram began in 2009, over 1.8 million people have been affected and thousands of women and girls are
estimated who have been devastatingly impacted by the insurgency. The diverse dimension of conflict and insurgency within the northeast left a devastating mark on the girl child from this region. This was the burden that gave birth to Mariam Ladi Yunusa Foundation. Marian Ladi Yunusa Foundation epitomizes the passion and undying desire of Late Mariam Ladi Yunusa, her exemplary lifestyle and material footprints could not be wiped off the sands of time even after her departure.

Giving hope to the girls is our vision.

Mariam Ladi Yunusa foundation came into fusion as the cry and agony of the girl child within north eastern nigeria. The foundation has led an unfeigned advocacy for the girl child in the north east since its inception. The refining lengths of the foundation led to an unsolid inclusive welfare structure for which the foundation has
invested into to help the girls in the north east find hope again through provision of basic learning material like books uniforms and PTA levy. The foundation also believe learning is a culture. This is why we have undertaken the part projects providing personal reading tables for the girls to aid their learning at home.

Holistically safeguarding the girl-child

Mariam Ladi Yunusa foundation has undertaken a holistic approach to addressing issues surrounding the restoration and reformation of these girls who were victims of the horrifying memory of insurgency. The foundation has also set up a mentorship counseling pathway to aid the restoration of these girls. Reiterating our stance, we say holistically safeguarding the girl-child is at the heart of mly foundation. Our future with these girls is to make them shining stars helping them approach their way through tertiary institution. Mariam Ladi Yunusa Foundation will fulfill her vision of giving hope to the girls within the northeast but we can’t do this all alone we need you.