A small charity
has a big

“It is our goal to restore our girls back to normalcy,
rescue them from trauma and support the creation of
sustainable livelihoods. This in turn creates hope for a
bright future and the restoration of healthy individuals,
who can uphold a sense of civic duty as exemplary
leaders in their various communities”.

A Practical-Based Approach

Over The Years...


Scholarship Awards

We awarded couple of scholarships to orphan girls across many secondary schools in Abuja, Adamawa and Benue State. The scholarship award will help them further their studies and take them through the completion of their secondary school education.


Counselling & Mentoring

Counseling and Mentoring session for Gulak girls started in January 2022. MLY Team visited Gulak beneficiaries for counselling session and lectures on ICT and leadership. The girls were later trained in ICT for 3 months and leadership skills by July 2022.


Monitoring & Evaluation

The M & E program started late 2022 with members and officials of MLY both from Abuja and Adamawa state fully present. The M & E program was a necessity to ascertain the progress and personality development of the Ambassadors who were beneficiaries of the Ambassadorship Cycle – 1

Lasting change

We know the significance of our role and importance in our society. Therefore, we focus on strategies that lead to lasting change, and we work with partners who are shaping better outcomes for generations to come.