Our Pillars

Be the reason
someone smiles

Our focus is the heart of late Mariam Ladi Yunusa which is securing the education of the female child by supporting orphan girls of high school age to complete their education. We work with a niche number of beneficiaries from the north east who have lost parents or guardians mainly through insurgencies which have ravaged the area.

Through MLY-F, you can touch lives positively.

We do our homework

At MLY Foundation, we strive to ensure that all of our work is done to the highest standards of excellence. We take the time to thoroughly research and analyze our projects before we begin them. We ensure that all necessary information and resources are gathered and that any potential risks or challenges are identified and addressed.

We have clear Goals

We are focused on specific goals

MLY’s mission is to educate and empower orphan girls who have lost parents due to insurgencies or who are internally displaced. Over the years, MLY foundation has executed some projects in Abuja and in the North-Eastern parts of the country.

Monitoring & Evaluation

We track our growth and effectiveness

Monitoring and evaluation are important components of any activity. We incorporate M & E into activities so that we can track the growth and effectiveness of our work, as it allows us to measure progress and identify areas of improvement

Strong results

We generate massive results

We have organized several programs ranging from food drive to providing necessary supplies, scholarships to help pay for school fees, agricultural education to help girls learn skills to help their families, and ICT training to teach them the necessary technology skills