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We make the best
out of the girl-child

What is MLY Foundation all about?

The Mariam Ladi Yunusa Foundation works with North Eastern communities which have achieved a good degree of resettlement from crisis to rehabilitate orphan girls of high school age who have lost parents or guardians due to insurgencies that have ravaged the region. The Foundation runs a cascading Ambassadorship programme where girls in senior secondary schools are empowered to take up mentorship and leadership roles.as ambassadors. who mentor and support vulnerable girls within their communities, thereby building
the capacity of the girls they mentor to in-turn, support other girls. Alongside leadership building the Foundation supports the girls with vocational skills such as ICT and Agriculture, to enable the girls to expand their skills towards creating sustainable livelihoods for themselves and their host families.

We are doing
the right thing,
at the right time

“It is our goal to restore our girls back to normalcy, rescue them from trauma and support the creation of sustainable livelihoods. This in turn creates hope for a bright future and the restoration of healthy individuals, who can uphold a sense of civic duty as exemplary leaders in their various communities”.

key outcomes

What makes us diferent?

Community Engagement

The MLY Foundation has been committed to community involvement for many years, offering assistance and other essential services to those in need.

Well Trained Ambassadors

MLY Foundation have also trained capable ambassadors to serve as advocates for social change and to be a voice for the voiceless.

Mentorship Opportunities

Our ambassadors serve as mentors by providing guidance and support to those in need. They serve as role models and suport for the younger ones.

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Be the change for one child:

Agric student MLY

Agricultural Farm

With 20,000 Naira, you will support one girl with all she needs to know to start up her own agricultural farm.

Education what we did MLY


With 17,000 Naira, you will pay for one girl’s PTA levy and get her books and uniform.

ICT training by MLY

Basic ICT Skills

With 15,000 Naira, you will support one girl in learning the basic ICT Skills this summer.