Leadership Development and Counseling – Monitoring and Evaluation at Gulak


Leadership development and counseling training held in Gulak on August 17th – 22nd, 2022 was a huge success. The M & E programme for the leadership development and counselling started on the 2nd – 3rd December, 2022.



General session on personal hygiene was held with ambassadors and other 60 community girls from Government Day Secondary School (GDSS) Gulak. The counsellor, Mrs Juliet Justine engaged them in an interactive session that raised many questions about their hygienic being. The MLY ambassadors were privileged to respond to these questions outstandingly as they were taught during the Ambassadorship Cycle – 1 in August 2022.


In line with the subject of personal hygiene being treated, our ambassadors and the girls in GDSS Gulak were taught some more efficient ways of using sanitary pads with illustrations, and a healthy way of disposing used sanitary pads to harness environmental hygiene.


Trainer and Trainee Session

This session featured massive participation and display of leadership prowess by the MLY-F ambassadors. The large number of girls in attendance were divided into groups headed by the ambassadors who took charge of the interactive session. MLY ambassadors were able to draw from their intellectual repertoire bestowed on them during the Ambassadorship cycle -1 to enlighten their peers on leadership and community representation.

The groups headed by Hauwa Abubakar, Hajara Ali and Murna James featured topics on peer relationship, relationship with adults, communicating skills, safe and healthy relationships. The second group focused on feelings and wellbeing, sexual and reproductive health and support network. Murna James took her trainees on agricultural science, and she discussed at length the origin, preparations, planting and harvest of cowpea.

These sessions were carried out confidently and efficiently by our ambassadors, treating every topic with excellent delivery.



Our ambassadors and some girls from GDSS Gulak on Saturday morning 3rd December 2022 embarked on market sanitation within the community. They swept every nook and cranny of Gulak main market and kept clean the surroundings for the community businessmen and women who were surprised upon arrival to see MLY-F ambassadors engaged in such community service. The marketers expressed their gratitude to MLY-F foundation for this remarkable show of community support and empowerment and promised to give continuous support to propagate the continuity of such community service