Monitoring and Evaluation Report of The Ambassadorship Cycle/Scholarship Program in Gulak/Michika – 5th Day


On the final day, the team went to Baza to intimate the district head of our forth coming ambassadorship cycle, although as at the time we arrived he was not on seat, he delegated one of his council member to stand on his behalf. We told him our mission and presented the previous report/newsletter we did in Gulak. He welcomed us and commended the effort we making to help the orphans in the community. He also encouraged the beneficiaries to prepare for the forth coming cycle as it will be for their own good and that of the community in general. We conducted orientation and encourage the beneficiaries to make sure they avail themselves for the entire cycle knowing that this is an opportunity they cannot afford to miss.


  • The beneficiaries can now mentor younger girls on sexual and reproductive health.
  • We can attest to the fact that girls are looking good and healthy, because they have actually applied what they were taught.
  • Other girls in the community can now operate computer to some extent.
  • One of the beneficiary said she was able to write her jamb examination smoothly with the help of the knowledge she acquired during the ICT training. (She was sponsored by the foundation).
  • The agricultural yield has improved tremendously, and it has assisted their households.
  • The school management also confessed that the performance of the girls has improved, because some of them who were unable to read and write can now do so very well.
  • The beneficiaries can now go to school freely, without the difficulty of paying school fees.


  • Health issue can hinder the beneficiaries from continuing their education as it is in the case of Nasara Ayuba who has been suffering from eyes problem. If she can be assisted, I think it will help to study without any challenge.
  • If the program can be extended to cover more girls, it will go a long way, because many girls are eager to be part of the ambassadorship cycle.
  • Selection of beneficiaries should be based on merit and those who are willing to finish the program.
  • Constant follow-up to know whether the beneficiaries are doing the right thing.


  • Joshua Gamaraja – Outreach Manager, Yola
  • Emmanuel Ijai – Outreach Officer, Gulak
  • Papka Yohanna – Community Officer, Baza
  • Blessing Abbas – Community Matron