Agriculture Evaluation – Monitoring and Evaluation at Gulak

Stage 1: Evaluation on the Farm

The MLY-F team arrived Gulak on the 1st of December 2022 for the commencement of the M & E programme. The ambassadors were likewise readily prepared and available for the arrival of the team. Without much ado, the local head welcomed the team and gave his consent to kick-start the programme.

The team started the evaluation with Agriculture. The girls briefed the team members on the adopted agricultural practices from land preparation to harvest based on what they were taught during the September Ambassadorship cycle – 1. Murna James, Hadiza Ali, Patience James and Hauwa Abubakar who are among the beneficiaries, took Mr Joshua (Agriculture trainer) and other team members to their farms to witness the harvest of cowpea and maize. All the ten (10) ambassadors cultivated the seeds that they were given to them

Stage 2: Visit at Home

After the farm visit, the team went to the house of one the beneficiaries to see the harvested produce. The entire family warmly welcomed the team members and expressed their deepest gratitude to MLY foundation for the privilege accorded to them. They reiterated the viable means of sustenance that the agricultural training had provided through their daughter

Stage 3: Classroom Interactions

The classroom interaction anchored by the agriculture facilitator, Mr. Joshua Gamaraja with the ambassadors featured sessions of questioning and answering which broaden the knowledge of the girls and also gave them insights on the solution to unforeseen challenges that erupted during the farming activities

Stage 4: Trainer and Trainee Session

The MLY-F beneficiaries engaged other girls in community for five days to share their acquired knowledge for each of training (Agric., Leadership and ICT). As at the time of conducting the monitoring and evaluation programme, the class population of 60 students (community girls) was segregated into 3 groups. This exercise gave the ambassadors the room to refresh their memories on previous teachings. The teaching-learning process was successful.