ICT Evaluation – Monitoring and Evaluation Programme at Gulak

ICT evaluation took place on the second day of the M & E programme. The ambassadors and other girls were taken to the training center and the facilitators Mr. Ijasubu and Markus took the girls through some computer-related tasks like creating a folder, creating a table, and inputting specified activities, saving the document, and moving it into the folder initially created, using Microsoft word and spread sheet; and sending messages using the electronic mail in order to evaluate their development since the Ambassadorship Cycle – 1 in August

The aftermath of these activities featured an interview session with Murna James, one of MLY-F ambassadors. She gave explicit answers on all questions asked and at the end of the evaluation, the girls were allowed to perform other tasks individually. The facilitators appreciated the foundation for their foresight to hep orphan girls become people to reckon with in the society


  1. Murna James
  2. Hadiza Ali
  3. Hauwa abubakar
  4. Patience James
  5. Chamu Markus
  6. Laraba John
  7. Ladi Vandu
  8. Ijanada Luka
  9. Talatu Daniel


Having seen how impactful the programme has been to our girls in Gulak community, we want to appreciate the Yunusa family, most importantly, the program director – Ms. Asmau Durnin for guiding the team, board of directors for their unwavering support and the entire management team for an excellent delivery of the ambassadorship programme.

With great optimism for the continuity of the Leadership and Ambassadorship Cycle Programme, the following suggestions were made for the MLY-F management team.

  1. Addition of more programmes (activities) like skill acquisition involving bag crafts, shoes, soap making, disinfectant, detergents, and many more.
  2. More agricultural inputs and adequate land should be provided to increase the beneficiaries’ productivity to further meet their household needs.
  3. Increase in the number of girls enrolled into the ambassadorship programme. It was suggested that the management should look at the possibility of running the Leadership and Ambassadorship programme cycle twice in a year, to reach out to more girls in Gulak community and other neighboring communities and local governments in the state.
  4. More scholarship opportunities should be extended to other orphans in other LGAs in the state.


The completion of the first Ambassadorship Cycle was undoubtedly a success. The Monitoring and Evaluation Programme reiterated the impact the mission of Mariam Ladi Yunusa Foundation have on the lives of orphan girls in Adamawa state, Nigeria. The support of the Yunusa family and the distinguished board members have shown that success is achievable in unwavering unity. It is our prayer at MLY foundation that we continue to do more exploits in the north-east part of the country and beyond