Monitoring and Evaluation Report of The Ambassadorship Cycle/Scholarship Program in Gulak/Michika 15th to 19th May, 2023

The Monitoring and Evaluation was carried out in the following;

  1. Agriculture
  2. Leadership/counselling
  3. Information and Communication Technology
  4. Well-being of the beneficiaries


  1. To measure the impact of the training delivered to our ambassadors and demonstrate that systems are in place for continues support.
  2. To track the progress, efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability toward achieving MLY-F’s desired goals.


The team Yola to Michika, on arrival we went straight away to Gulak to intimate the district of our mission. The district head welcomed us and commended the organization for the effort they have put so far to develop the orphans. He said, our program is different from other NGOs, because we building a sustainable that will stand the test of time, encourage us to continue with this good work we have started. He said his door is always open to us anytime. We presented the ambassadorship cycle report and newsletter to him before leaving the palace.