Monitoring and Evaluation Programme at Gulak Community, Adamawa State.


The Monitoring and Evaluation programme started on the 1st of December with members and officials of Mariam Ladi Yunusa Foundation both from Abuja and Adamawa state fully present at the event. The M & E programme was a necessity to ascertain the progress and personality development of the 10 girls (Ambassadors) who were beneficiaries of the Ambassadorship Cycle – 1 of the foundation. The officers who were present at the event are:

  • Mr Emmanuel Agundiya – Senior Outreach Manager (Abuja)
  • Mr Joshua Gamaraja – Outreach Manager (Yola)
  • Mr Abdul Aziz Usman – Outreach officer (Yola)
  • Mrs Juliet Justine – Counsellor (Yola)
  • Mr Emmanuel Ijai – Field Officer (Yola)
  • Mr Daniel – Media Manager
  • Mr Helda – Media Assistant

The M & E programme focused on the three facets of the Ambassadorship cycle – 1 which was executed in August 2022. These areas are:

  1. Agriculture
  2. Leadership/counselling
  3. Information and Communication Technology


  1. To measure the impact of the training delivered to our ambassadors and demonstrate that systems are in place for continuity.
  2. To track the progress, efficiency, effectiveness, and sustainability toward achieving MLY-F’s desired goals.